Monday, May 28, 2007

Napoleon Dynamite

Look what I found under my bed! When Disney purchased Avalanche Software, where I currently work, they had nothing for us to do for a short time. A friend at work had a variety of sculptures at his desk that he had sculpted using super sculpey. I had nothing to do so I bought some from him and gave it a whirl. I worked on Napoleon Dynamite as the storyboard artist and script supervisor and also directed some commercials with Jon Heder so I had some good reference. I worked on it for a couple weeks and this was the final result. Work quickly ramped up so I had to take it home. I used a box padded it with plastic grocery sacks then hid it under my bed so my girls wouldn't poke it. I just re-discovered it. Joy! I had to scrape it free of dust bunnies and repair one eye that was mysteriously smashed, but it survived. I had this brilliant plan a while back to bronze the thing, right up until I found it would cost a honking thousand bucks. I think I'll just bake it, that way removing the dust will take merely a good hardy puff of air.

Friday, May 25, 2007


My work's Blog topic this week was "Dragon." I loved Halloween when I was really little. A thrown together costume with whatever was lying around. There was a lot more imgination than all the prefab costumes today. My favorite costume was Superman. I think I was Superman for about 4 years in a row. It was this sweet little job with the emblem on the chest, yellow felt velcrow strap around the waste, and a small red cape...kind of like a bib for a first grader. I loved it. However, my trick or treating days ended quicker than I ever wanted them to. I started getting growth spurts in the third and fourth grade. They continued for some time which made me more than a head taller than most of my friends. One year I was singled out and asked over and over "Aren't you a little old for this?" even though I was with a bunch of shorties my own age. I remember faking it to my friends that I was cold. I went home and then I bawled my eyes out. Never went after that. But I made up for it when I was in high school. My friends and I would go dancing every weekend and dress up. The best was when we dressed up like hicks and went to a hardcore techno dance club. The bouncer at the front reminded us that it wasn't western night. "Yep, we know!"

Friday, May 18, 2007


I swear I'm not making fun of those less fortunate and confined to wheelchairs. However, I am mocking this lady because she wasn't actually cripple, just really lame.

This beauty was sit-walking her way down the side walk near the down town library. The concentration, fervor, and seriousness that was on her face as she was "suck-puffin" convinced me that if she were to stop smoking she would actually die. The craziest part was the speed at which she did it. I could liken it to the heart rate and metabolism of a shrew.

And as this little Casey Jr. passed and continued down her track I was compelled to turn and salute her caboose for fumigating the day. I watched her quietly scoot away with rapid puffs of yellow smoke pulling at her shoulders and hair... and then I listened. (Shhh) I swear I could hear the driving cadence of, "...tumor, tumor, tumor, tumor..." fading in the wind.