Thursday, February 22, 2007

Decker Customs

Here are two t-shirt designs I did for Jeff Decker. He is an amazing bronze sculptor and builds bikes. His lives in Springville, Utah and has a studio, Hippodrome Studios. One of these days when I'm all rich and famous and crap, I'm gonna buy one of his bronzes.

Bill Baucom

Bill Baucom is a great friend of mine. He is a veteran of the Korean war. He survived the Chosin Reservoir and was a sniper during that time. I came to know him after my mother, who teaches school, had her students write valentines to the veterans hospital. Bill called to thank her. She invited him over for dinner and it's been about 8 years of friendship since. He has taught me so much about life and sacrifice. A true hero as were his buddies that never came home.

Older Stuff I Can Still Stomach

Here is some artwork I did while I was in school at BYU.

I did this as a conceptual piece for a story I had written. It was a short on the adventures of two toothfairies. I used guash, watercolor, and color pencil.

"Emily's Individuality" I was at a thrift store, looking for I don't know what, when a girl walked by. She had bright orange hair with a crew-cut, a wife beater t-shirt, camouflage pants, and a tatoo on the back of her right shoulder. She stood out like a sore thumb especially in the cookie cutter image of most who live in Provo, Utah. However, as I watched her I was so impressed with how at ease she was in her own skin. She walked with her head up, confident, sure. So I took some of her and mooshed it into an angel who likewise wanted to stand out from the other angels. I used color pencil.
"Lighting The Scene" This was the first oil painting I did in school that I actually dug. My good friend Doug Chamberlain is holding the bounce board. He is a cinematographer in LA and very talented. He shot all of my short films while in college.

This life drawing was one that really gave me some confidence back in the day. I see all sorts of problems with it but I still like it because it was a break through. I think it was 1999. Nupastel.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is an illustration I did of my Aunt Beth. It's been 25 years since she passed away from diabetes. She was very talented in all aspects of the arts. She painted, sculpted, sang, wrote poetry, stories and music. As a small boy she was a huge influence to me to continue drawing. She lost her sight, married, and was told never to have children, the effects of which could kill her. Her desire to have a baby was greater than the threat of death. Her daughter Alisha was born and Beth went down hill fast. Beth began having dreams of her father, who had passed before I was born, telling her that her work on earth was done. I was 6 years old and will never forget saying goodbye to her in Park City. She stopped her insulin and passed shortly after. Grandma, her brothers and sisters created a compilation of her writings, stories, music and paintings and this was a picture that was inside the cover.


Every year our family gives gag gifts for Christmas. We figure we all have what we need, except for the occasional bag of socks and peanut M&M's, so we'll have fun with it rather than buying a bunch of crap. This was my dad's gift for my brother in law, a T-shirt with this on it. Bobby is big into politics and is teased that he's somewhere between both parties.

Bug n' A Rug

Love is in the air.

The Grinder and Burro

A set of characters I want to put into a film. I hope the time comes when I can breathe some life into these guys.