Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bail Organa

Our work's blog topic was "Dumb Star Wars Characters". Yeah, thanks for narrowing that down for me. What is that, like all but two out of the million characters created for toy marketing campaign that instigated the creation of episodes I, II, and III.

I have a love hate relationship with Star Wars. Love episodes 4, 5, and 6 and loathe 1,2, and 3. However, with that being said you cannot dispute the talented peeps at ILM. The art, design, sound, and effects were solid. Everything else was limp.

As for the picture, there were so many characters I hated that I couldn't choose, so I went the other direction and tried to find a character I could stomach. I figure that Bail Organa probably had less screen time than any of the principle cast so I hate him the least.

This picture was an exercise in using one color and only varying the saturation and value. After looking at it for sometime I'm resigned to think that, sometime in the future, I'm might run into Jimmy Smits and if he's seen this picture he's going to round-house me right in the neck.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Homeless Robots

The Avalanche Software blog topic for the past two weeks has been "Homeless Robots". Nothing like a little 10-30 weight to put you in a state of bliss.

When ever I see a homeless drunk sloshing about town I try to imagine what he or she was like as a small kid. My wife and I have two daughters and they are full of life, laughter, and wonderment. They couldn't have been much different. What decisions did they take (or tramatic events) that led them down their path? The spooky part is knowing that only one decision separates me from them.

But on a happier note, robots, Carl and Barry, are way beyond remembering their woes let alone their names and will go on to lead a fortune 500 company and get new joint replacements and live happily ever after.

Match Made In Heaven

This sketch started as I was flying to LA for work. In between popping peanuts and sitting with perfect posture, so my long freaking legs wouldn't dig into the seat infront of me, this scene came to mind. The thought of a really big lady in a swing and her width affecting her heighth in the swing cracked me up. I went with it and ended up with this. I tried pushing the "love" aspect by the lady's legs forming a heart.