Thursday, February 22, 2007

Older Stuff I Can Still Stomach

Here is some artwork I did while I was in school at BYU.

I did this as a conceptual piece for a story I had written. It was a short on the adventures of two toothfairies. I used guash, watercolor, and color pencil.

"Emily's Individuality" I was at a thrift store, looking for I don't know what, when a girl walked by. She had bright orange hair with a crew-cut, a wife beater t-shirt, camouflage pants, and a tatoo on the back of her right shoulder. She stood out like a sore thumb especially in the cookie cutter image of most who live in Provo, Utah. However, as I watched her I was so impressed with how at ease she was in her own skin. She walked with her head up, confident, sure. So I took some of her and mooshed it into an angel who likewise wanted to stand out from the other angels. I used color pencil.
"Lighting The Scene" This was the first oil painting I did in school that I actually dug. My good friend Doug Chamberlain is holding the bounce board. He is a cinematographer in LA and very talented. He shot all of my short films while in college.

This life drawing was one that really gave me some confidence back in the day. I see all sorts of problems with it but I still like it because it was a break through. I think it was 1999. Nupastel.


S.T. Lewis said...

Hey, I totally remember that one of the angel painting her wings. That was when I was in the same illustration studio as you but never talked to you... I just apparently looked at your drawings when you weren't around. I'm sneaky like that... even still. It's a really nice one - that's why I remember it.

pamo said...

uh..when were you at BYU? I was there 1997-2001, in the fine art department. I take it you were in illustration, as you have WAY more skill than us painters over in the HFAC. I did head modeling (is that what you call it?) for the illustration department though, for about a year.anyhow, nice stuff, I really like it.

Stacy said...

Emily's Individuality reminded me so much of my sister, that I bought one for her and one for me. All these years later, I still love it - maybe even more. I was cleaning out all my old school records and actually found a card with your information that I must have picked up when I bought them. Took a chance on google, looked at the oldest post, and there it is on your blog. You really can find anything on the internet...

Anyway, thank you for years of bringing a smile to my face everytime I look at it.