Thursday, September 6, 2007

James Franco

This is a pencil sketch I did today. James was unlikely subject matter for me, not for any other reason than he's good looking. I try not to discriminate and give uglies, hotties, freaks, and frumpies all the same amount of screen time. However, good looking people can be a drag to draw because they all look alike; what with being pressed from the same Hasbro plastic mold. James, however, has some good characteristics so I had a good time and good challenge with it. I have a friend who has worked with James on some films and says he is a real good guy... and then I thought, "Well, I'm a good guy too. So what's stopping us from being friends". I mean, heck, it really isn't a stretch to think that James could see this, call me up, and then fly me out to LA to play some Nintendo Wii and to become his newest BFF.

The other reason I drew James is because he reminds me of my younger brother Mason. Yes, he's that good looking.


S.T. Lewis said...

I've seen the way this guy tries to kill his best friends... best to be careful about that. Also - nice sketch.

Brian Cutler said...

Great drawring b. If he calls you up and invites you over to his house, ask him if I can come too. You know, that's the only reason I keep a blog... just hoping that some rich celebrity will come accross it and feel moved to make me his/her bff and start throwing money at me.

ps I'm sure you're way better looking than your brother. ;)

Gabriel Olson said...

Fantastic likeness.

Franco was at his best in Freaks and Geeks.

Chus said...

This is what I think: James Franco

Polilla said...

So cute, but ... Insomniac James Franco

Ray Creations said...

Really nice sketch.
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