Monday, September 24, 2012

Where In The Dump Have I Been?

I've spent the past 4 years pushing through what has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done.  I finished directing my first feature film entitled "Unicorn City".  It's a romantic comedy that I co-wrote with my brother (and a lot of feedback from our father).  The best way I can explain the experience is by saying it was like giving birth to an Alaskan bull moose.  Nearly killed me and my family, but dangit, I love my bull moose and didn't want to put it down.

It was a huge adventure that was made possible by Ken and Patrice Bretschneider, whom I love dearly.  They financed the film and were gutsy enough to invest in the Leflers.  Ken was an Executive Producer along with my father, Tom Lefler.  My older brother, Adrian, produced along with Courtney Russell.  I directed, co-edited, and storyboarded. 

You can check out the website here:  

Watch the trailer here:


Movie Poster

  DVD and BluRay Cover

You can purchase the film at Amazon, ITunes, Blockbuster On demand, CinemaNow.  It should roll out to Hulu, Netflix, and Zune in a bit, as well as Redbox.  Check it out, I know you'll like it!

(Below are some life drawings I've done but never posted.)

I started drawing some of the models as caricatures to help me look for the larger, more simplified shapes.  It was also fun to do something different for a change.

Every time I look at this one I hear a voice in the back of my head say, "Next time remember the arms.  Arms are good.  People like arms.  Everyone will think he fell victim to playing around a wheat thresher."

15 min gesture

15 min gesture

Sustained pose, about 2 hrs.  I like some things in this one.

15 min gesture

15 min gesture

30 min gesture... see what I mean!  The moment I think I have more time I start noodling and it ends up looking like a pile and worse than the 15 minuters above.  Aaarrah!


Aaron Ludwig said...

Can't wait to see the film. Great figure drawings too-- love the caricatures.

GhettoFab said...

A fun and inspirational film sir! A hearty congrats on your moose.

Now knowing this I doubt I'll ever have a moose....

Joe Hunt said...

I'm watching the film right now ! (Just glancing through Netflix, then googled you.)

I like it ! [5 or 10 min. into it]

Keep up the good work.

Joe Hunt said...

The second he dreamed w/ unicorn fire and started singing opera, I was hooked forever.

Jon said...

Oh my sweet lord! I just watched your film and was touched in so many ways! Hilarious and moving and emotionally honest in alot of ways. I'm a gamer and have been since my teenage years, now I'm an actor and fight choerographer in L.A., you can find me on imdb, and I know it might sound crazy but if you need assistance on any new projects email me. I know its random but theres so few things you see that really hit you, figured I'd at least take a crazy shot. No matter what this film rocks and I'll be telling all my friends!

Aaron Matthews said...

Hi Bryan,

I saw your movie on Netflix, and I really enjoyed it. It's actually inspired me to write one of my own stories into a screenplay. I thought, "Hey, If these guys could make a great movie about LARPing, I can write a half-decent screenplay about anything!"

Seriously, I laughed more at Unicorn City than other recent comedies. Once I realized it was an independent Utah film, it was all the better.

I hope to see more of your work and thanks for a great 90 minutes!